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Original Starter Motors in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Receive the auto parts that you require from Rotating Electrics in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Our starter motors are all original parts or equivalent to the original equipment. We deal with numerous Scandinavian parts and always have a vast selection of stock in our workshop so that you are spoiled for choice.

Providing Helpful Solutions 

The main reason for a starter motor failing is a problem with the engine. When your vehicle doesn't start, you may turn the key until it gets too hot and our professionals are able to spot this straight away. Although we have room in our workshop to remove the starter motor, we do prefer that it is not attached when you come to us. This is because we are able to offer a faster and more efficient service. When the weather is cold and frosty, starter motors often fail as it is harder to turn the motor over when the oil is thick.

New Stock Daily

We constantly update our stock in our workshop so that the product that you require is always available. Our team give you a timeframe for your repair or replacement so that you know exactly what is going on. When you require us to remove your starter motor, you simply need to get in touch and book an appointment with us. We do not stock any specific type of brands for our starter motors.

Details on Our Auto Parts 

The price range of our starter motors varies between £50 and £300 as it depends on the type of vehicle that you have. A commercial starter motor can go up to £1000, however an estimate for a standard motor is between £200 and £300. On the rare occasion that you are not happy with your repair or replacement, our team work hard to find out why the vehicle failed under the warranty terms. We prioritise this type of work and get your vehicle back straight away when it fails.

Contact us in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, to find out more about the auto parts including starter motors that we have in stock.