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Speedy Car Repairs and Vehicle Maintenance in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Let our dedicated auto electricians take care of your car's electrical system. Based in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, we provide car repairs and vehicle maintenance services in our workshop and also complete boat work on the Broads. From tractors and plant equipment to cars and commercial vehicles, our professionals give you peace of mind by efficiently repairing the electrics. Anything with an engine requires a working battery or starter motor and we are here to assist you with any issues.

All Sizes of Vehicles 

When you experience a flat battery or the engine of your vehicle just won't turn over, the team at Rotating Electrics offer hassle-free solutions. The top three AA™ breakdown causes are problems with the alternator, battery, or starter motor, and there is no limit on the type of vehicles that we work on.

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We complete all repair and maintenance work in our workshop. Our repair units have a two-year guarantee, which is usually one year more than a guarantee with a new part. Lots of new parts that come from China are often poor quality, and we always prefer to repair an original part with the initial motor rather than buying a new part. Please note that we are based in our workshop and do not offer a call-out service at this time.


Fully Equipped Workshop 

Our team always have most of the relevant parts available to fix your vehicle on the same day. We do prefer most of our work to come in over the counter with the starter motor having already been taken off the car. This way, we are able to guarantee a same-day turnaround for vehicles. When you would like our professionals to remove the starter motor or alternator, we may need an extra day or two. There is no need to ring us and book as you are able to simply bring your vehicle in and hand it over to us.

Repairs within 24 Hours

We provide your new auto part along with our rapid repair service within 24 hours. 3:00 p.m. is the general cut-off point as our professionals like to spend two to three hours with your vehicle. Repairs cost 40% to 50% less than purchasing a brand-new part and you also receive a better warranty.

Contact us in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, for car repairs and vehicle maintenance services that you are able to rely on.